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Equal Pay Act Discrimination

Helping you get paid what you deserve

It’s a simple concept. Men and women who do the same work should make the same money. It’s not only fair – it’s the law. Despite years of progress on this issue, some employers don’t follow the law. The experienced discrimination attorneys at Gibson Law, LLC fight for the rights of employees who are being denied equal pay.

Our equal pay lawyers know how employers approach cases like these. That’s because we used to work at a large national law firm. We represented employers against claims involving all types of employment issues, such as harassment or discrimination. Now, we use our experience and legal knowledge to help employees who have been wronged.

The Equal Pay Act (EPA) specifically prohibits pay discrimination based on gender. It states that men and women must be paid the same for doing “equal work on jobs that require equal skill, effort, and responsibility, and are performed under similar working conditions.” In short, if male and female employees are doing the same job at the same location under the same conditions, they should be paid the same.

We know how to handle complex Equal Pay Act cases

An employer may have all kinds of excuses for not paying men and women the same. They may argue that the male worker is more experienced. They may claim that the man does a better job, or even that the jobs aren’t quite the same. Employers also have lawyers who are looking out for their best interests.

You know when something isn’t right. If you feel you are not being paid fairly because you are a woman, it’s important to get legal advice as soon as possible. You have rights and an Equal Pay Act experienced attorney can help you protect them.

Claims of Equal Pay Act violations can be pursued with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). This process can be lengthy and complicated. Our attorneys can guide you through the process every step of the way and fight to help you take legal action to get the pay that you deserve for your hard work.

The EEOC will examine may factors to determine if your job is the same as a higher-paid employee. They will consider the specific tasks and responsibilities involved, as well as required skills, experience, ability and education. They will look at work conditions for each job and consider seniority and performance.

Fighting for your rights in Ohio

Our attorneys know how to prepare a strong case that has to be taken seriously. We gather evidence such as job descriptions, company communications, employee records and payroll data. We interview co-workers, supervisors and other company representatives. If needed, we consult with experts who can explain the issues involved.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a member of our legal team. Our offices are in Cincinnati and Dayton.

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