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We fight for the rights of workers throughout Ohio. If you have been wrongfully terminated, discriminated against at work or encountered another form of harassment or discrimination on the job, you can count on our attorneys at Gibson Law, LLC to work tirelessly for you.

Our legal team focuses solely on employment law cases. Our concentration has allowed us to develop the expertise and skills to rigorously pursue the rights of each client we work with at our firm. As a result, we have an in-depth understanding of state and federal employment laws and how the legal system works for employees in Ohio.

With offices in Cincinnati and Dayton, our team is devoted to vigorously representing individuals throughout Ohio in all phases of employment conflict – from employment counseling and initial negotiations through trial, if necessary. Whatever employment law matter you’re facing, our attorneys and staff will work hard for you.

Our history

Founded in 2015, our law firm has a wide range of experience handling employment law-related cases. Before founding our firm, attorneys Bradley L. Gibson and Angela J. Gibson worked as lawyers representing employers.

Based on experience, we know how companies and their legal teams think. We know the strategies they often use to avoid responsibility or to try to put the blame on workers who did nothing wrong. That’s why we consistently produce positive results in many cases. Experience and expertise matter in employment law.

Our experience

The Gibsons spent years providing counsel to employers for employment-related issues while working at one of the largest law firms in Ohio. This experience provides our team with a unique perspective into how employers’ attorneys strategize and prepare their cases. We have experience representing a variety of employment-related concerns, including:

  • Contract issues, such as negotiating separation and severance agreements, terms of employment agreements, noncompete agreements or breach of contract
  • Behaviors that create a hostile work environment, ranging from verbal and physical harassment to discrimination based on factors such as gender, national origin or age
  • Failure to pay legally entitled overtime wages, minimum wage, commission payments, bonus payments, and more
  • Wrongful termination and retaliation protections for individuals reporting employment violations

We understand your employment law matter can profoundly impact your life. Because of this, we approach each case with a sense of urgency. Our firm was founded on the principle that employees deserve excellent legal representation in these matters. As a result, you can count on us to be attentive to your needs throughout the process and work diligently toward the best possible solution for your specific situation.

Our philosophy

We believe employees deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. This is the driving force behind everything we do at our law firm. We work tirelessly for employees who believe their rights have not been respected in the workplace. Our firm’s philosophy embraces the importance of fairness, equality and transparency. This means you can count on our law firm to:

  • Work tirelessly on your behalf
  • Build the strongest possible legal case
  • Keep you informed throughout the process
  • Explore every available legal option

We understand what’s at stake – your job, your reputation or perhaps even your ability to rightfully earn a living. That’s why we’re committed to helping you get the best possible outcome, whether it’s through a negotiated settlement or trial verdict. If your rights have been violated, you can count on us to demand that your employer be held accountable for their actions. We work hard so you can work.

Our approach

Details matter when it comes to many employment law cases. That’s why we never take anything for granted. We take the time to find the facts – whether it’s written documentation, eyewitness testimony or another vital piece of evidence.

Our next step then often involves presenting our findings to employers and their attorneys. Most take us very seriously once they see the evidence we have in support of your claim. If not, we’re prepared to take them to court, if necessary, on your behalf.

Put your trust in a law firm you can count on in a crisis. Contact us and schedule a consultation with a member of our legal team. We can meet with you in our offices in Cincinnati or Dayton or wherever’s convenient for you. You decide.

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