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New DOL Rule Would Significantly Expand Overtime Protections

One of the most contentious and controversial subjects in wage and hour law is the status of exempt employees. In theory, being exempt is supposed to come with greater flexibility, autonomy, and growth. In practice, it's often just a way to get extra work out of an employee for no additional pay. A proposed Department...

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What is Wage Theft, and What Can Employees Do About It?

If you do the work, you should get paid. That's not just an ethical or philosophical point; that's the law. But too many employers flout the law and take money right out of their employees' paychecks. Nationwide, wage and hour violations cost employees tens of billions of dollars every year, and only a fraction of...

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What the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Means for Ohio Employees

During pregnancy and after childbirth, you have rights under a new federal law. Last month, an important new protection went into effect for workers in Ohio and across the country. The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA) requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers as well as those who have recently given birth. Since...

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What the Law Says About Whether You Can or Can't Work Remotely

Employers need to follow the law when making decisions about remote work. Over the last three years, more and more employers in Ohio and around the country have been offering employees the option of working at home. Some workplaces have gone fully remote. Many others are "hybrid," with some employees working from home and others...

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Wage Discrimination Claims Under the Equal Pay Act

Make sure you know your rights and your legal options if they're violated Since the Equal Pay Act (EPA) was signed into law in 1963, equal pay for equal work has been the legal standard in the United States. It's illegal under the EPA for employers to pay men and women differently for the same...

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Severance Agreements: How an Ohio Employment Lawyer Can Help

Know your rights and protect your interests in severance negotiations Leaving a job, whether voluntarily or otherwise, is rarely an easy transition. Severance pay can provide a degree of security and assistance during this transition period — but you need to know your rights and remember that you have the ability to negotiate for more....

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The Ongoing Fight Over Non-Compete Agreements

A significant step in the battle for employees' rights Last month, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced a proposed regulation that would ban non-compete clauses in employment nationwide. The proposed rule would not only prohibit employers from entering into non-competes with workers going forward, but also require employers to rescind existing non-competes and inform workers...

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Is Your Employer Violating Your Rights During the Holidays?

The holiday season may be full of joy, but it's not always an easy time for Ohio workers. There are several violations of labor and employment laws that spike during the holidays, and if you're affected by those violations, you need to know your rights. Here are three big questions you should be asking during...

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