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Cincinnati and Dayton Employment Lawyers Working To Protect Employee Rights

Hold your employer accountable for their actions

When you have been mistreated by an employer, you have the right to take legal action. But state and federal laws that address employment issues are complex. Employers have high-priced lawyers who work to help them avoid responsibility. That’s why you need an experienced Cincinnati employment attorney on your side.

The attorneys at Gibson Law, LLC used to defend employers in cases like yours. Because of this experience, we know how to investigate your claim to build a strong case that can’t be ignored. We know how employers are likely to respond and which legal strategies are the most effective. And we won’t stop fighting until we get the results that you deserve.

Build a strong case that can’t be ignored.

We know the impact employer mistreatment can have on people’s lives. They have been subjected to harassment or discrimination. They are being denied wages they’ve earned or were terminated unlawfully. Or they have suddenly been let go from a company and want to make sure they are being treated fairly.

We can help.

We used to represent employers,

We’re attorneys Bradley L. Gibson and Angela J. Gibson. We met while working at one of the nation’s largest law firms, representing employers against claims made by employees. We successfully handled cases involving a wide range of issues in all types of workplaces. We learned a lot about the complexities of employment law and about how employers approach these cases.

About Us
Gibson Law, LLC

We also frequently saw workers being represented by general litigators who were not familiar with employment law issues. The result was these workers either lost their cases or accepted low settlement offers when they deserved more. We felt strongly that mistreated employees should have experienced and aggressive legal representation.

So, in 2015, Bradley started Gibson Law, LLC in order to help employees. Angela joined him a few years later. Our practice is concentrated solely on employment law and dedicated to fighting for people who have been wronged by their employers.

Our tireless work has earned us numerous accolades, including recognition by The Best Lawyers in America®. We take great pride in these honors because they reflect how we truly care about our clients.

Demand Justice
Recovered for Our Clients
We are ready to fight for you

Our firm represents all employees in all types of industries. When you have been wronged or mistreated by your employer, it’s important to have legal representation. We offer clients:


Our attorneys have handled cases on both sides of the aisle in state and federal court throughout Ohio.


Our firm only handles cases involving employment law issues, allowing us to fully focus on the needs of our clients.


We are fully committed to helping clients get the best possible outcome in their case and are prepared to litigate to make that happen.

You Don’t Have To Put Up With Harassment or Discrimination

Attorney Angela J. Gibson specializes in fighting for the rights of victims of sexual and racial harassment and discrimination in the workplace. She understands what you’re going through and she can help.

Discrimination and harassment in the workplace should not be tolerated. Sometimes, these cases involve physical harassment or unwanted physical contact. Other times, they may involve failing to promote, a pay disparity or being subjected to a hostile work environment.

Make employers take you seriously.

None of these behaviors are acceptable. That's why attorney Angela J. Gibson takes these cases seriously. As a lawyer representing employers, she has witnessed how harassment or discrimination can negatively influence careers and impact an individual’s life as a whole.

Now, she fights for you to take a stand against illegal behavior. She knows the state and federal laws prohibiting this behavior and how the justice system works in Ohio.

As your lawyer, she can work with you to hold your employer accountable for his actions.

We Help You Get Justice

If you have been wronged by your employer, we are ready to work for you. Our Dayton employment attorneys can investigate your claim, value your damages and prepare an effective legal strategy. We are committed to helping you get the best possible outcome, whether that’s through a negotiated settlement or litigation.

Our firm handles cases involving a wide range of employment law issues, including:

Our attorneys have decades of combined experience – all of it in employment law. We’re ready to help.
What Our Clients Say

Our greatest satisfaction comes from helping clients get the results they need. When people come to us, it is often at one of the worst moments of their lives. They are being mistreated but need to keep working to support their families. They’re being forced out of their jobs and are worried about the future. We fight to help them find a resolution.

Workers win with us.

"Mr. Gibson is an excellent attorney who helped me institute an action against my former employer. His dedication to my cause and persistent patience with me gave me no doubt that I had chosen a good champion to fight for me.

Alexandra N.

“Gibson Law handled my case and worked hard to ensure I was very well represented in a difficult situation. They were professional, diligent, and very straight forward in accomplishing the best outcome for me. I will absolutely be calling them on any future needs that may arise.

Jim E.

"Brad took my case when most said I didn't have one. Guy is a good communicator and aggressive. I highly recommend this firm.


“Their team did a wonderful job communicating with the attorneys at my employer and were able to prompt from them the appropriate settlement outside of the courts. I’m thankful for their tactful and professional care for my concern.

Matthew R.

"Brad and his team were phenomenal in representing me in an employment issue. They were always responsive, even to minor questions. Brad took time to help me understand the process and the legal framework for my situation. I feel I had the best representation possible. I highly recommend Gibson Law.

Melissa S.

"When no one else believed in me, Brad did, he pursued my case and went above and beyond to resolve my issue. It’s a pleasure to recommend him.

Carla N.

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