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Working Hard
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We protect Ohio employees in a wide variety of matters.

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Harassment is illegal if the harassing behavior is because of the person’s protected characteristic, such as the person’s race, sex, religion, age, disability, or ethnicity. 

Know Your Rights
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Wrongful Termination

While Ohio is an at-will employment state, employers cannot terminate employees for unlawful reasons.

We’ll Make Your Case
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Wage & Hour Law

Unpaid wages, unlawful wage deductions and more can all affect your quality of life. We will look at your situation and work to get you the money you need.

Protect Your Paycheck
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Separation & Severance Agreements

When a period of employment is about to end, it is important to handle the situation with care.

What To Do

Serving Ohioans Who Have Been Wronged By Employers

In the past years, many strides have been made to protect employees. We have come a long way in many areas.

Unfortunately, employers continue to violate the law.  Biases still exist, employers continue to cut costs at the employees’ expense, and employee rights are disregarded because of their perceived inconvenience. 

Our firm is committed to serving as an advocate for employees in order to ensure that they receive their legal protections and benefits in the workplace.

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Serving employees in Cincinnati, Dayton and throughout Ohio.

We Work Hard,
So You Can Work

Gibson Law, LLC brings extensive experience, knowledge, and individual attention to employees who face legal problems in the workplace.  Our firm handles all different types of employment cases, like:

  • Retaliation. You shouldn’t be punished for speaking up when something is wrong.
  • Discrimination. Both Ohio state and federal law prohibit discrimination on basis of certain protected classes.
  • Harassment. Whatever form it takes, harassment stops employees from doing their jobs effectively.

We represent employees in all different positions and industries.  Our experience and resources allow us to represent employees against any type of employer, no matter how large or small.

Meet The Gibsons

Brad and Angela met while working in the labor and employment group at one of the nation’s largest law firms. Several years later, Brad began Gibson Law, LLC in an effort to focus solely on representing employees with their legal matters. Seeing the reward Brad experienced from such work, Angela decided to join him at Gibson Law, LLC a few years later. Today, they combine their twenty-plus years of employment law experience to fight on their clients’ behalf.

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Angela J. Gibson

Bradley L. Gibson

Bradley L. Gibson

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“This was my first experience working with a Law Firm. They made me feel like I was their first priority, and I received weekly updates on my case, but of course the best part was, we got a great result! Awesome firm, Great attorneys, Fair price!”

“Ms. Gibson –Angela–helped me navigate a very difficult and frustrating situation. She worked diligently to advise and negotiate, personally devoting an incredible amount of time and wisdom. Her kindness and guidance was sincerely appreciated.” 

“Angela with Gibson Law was amazing!! She always listened to anything I needed to say and helped ease my mind after going through a huge mess with my last employer!! She was very good at explaining my options and ALWAYS got back to me when I called or e-mailed! I highly recommend this firm for work related legal problems! They fight for the employee, which really needs done! I was very happy with the outcome she got me and the hands on time she spent with me.”