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Fighting Against Employment Discrimination

Unfortunately, discrimination in the workplace still exists today. People’s biases and misconceptions about certain races, religions, genders, ethnicities, disabilities and age continue to impact their employment decisions. They not only impact hiring and firing decisions but also create disparities in deciding promotions, pay, discipline, performance reviews and more.

At Gibson Law, LLC, we help individuals in and around Cincinnati and Dayton who have been victims of workplace discrimination. We have devoted our practice to employment law and are committed to defending employee rights.

Protecting Individuals From Unlawful Biases

Federal and Ohio law protects employees from such unlawful biases and misconceptions by making it unlawful to discriminate against employees based upon certain protected traits. The law holds employers legally liable for making employment decisions based on a wide variety of characteristics, from color to genetic information. Some discriminatory behaviors employees might experience include:

Many of these forms of discrimination can be subtle. Often individuals who have suffered such behaviors worry that reporting them could result in retaliation. We are committed to helping individuals who have been victims of workplace discrimination protect their rights. We have the experience, knowledge and determination to help you find a resolution for all your employment law matters.

Discuss Your Options With An Employment Law Attorney

If your employer has discriminated against you due to your protected trait, you deserve quality legal representation. Contact Gibson Law, LLC today by calling our Cincinnati office at 513-834-8254 or our Dayton office at 937-667-5263 or complete our online form today to schedule a free consultation.