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You don’t deserve to be a victim of age discrimination

| Sep 10, 2020 | Employment Law |

When you went to work, you took a look around and realized how young most of the people you worked with were. You made a mental note, but you didn’t think much about it. Between people your age retiring, getting fired or leaving their positions, it made sense that you’d be one of the oldest workers left.

You didn’t think negatively about the company until you were called into your supervisor’s office. They wanted to talk to you about reducing your workload due to your age. They didn’t want you to be front-facing anymore, because they wanted to have a “younger” look. 

That surprised you, and you found yourself asking them outright if they were discriminating against you because of your age. They claimed that they weren’t and hoped you would understand. 

You took the matter up with the human resources department, and they spoke with your supervisor. From that point on, you faced increased scrutiny and ended up being fired. 

Age discrimination and retaliation have no place in a healthy work environment

In a healthy work environment, people of all ages are respected for the work they can do, and they’re assessed based on their skills and work ethic — not their age. Appearance shouldn’t play a role in where you can work or if you can do your job. 

If you are struggling with age discrimination, you can file a claim against your company. It’s unfair to face discrimination or retaliation for reporting it. Our website has more on what you should do if you’re discriminated against at work. You deserve support while you go through this troubling time.