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What if my employer decides I am too old for promotion?

| Apr 25, 2020 | Employment Law |

There is a promotion opportunity coming up in your company. While you know you are not getting any younger, you know that you are the best-qualified person for the job. However, your employer does not agree with you. Instead, they give the promotion to someone younger than you. You spend nights thinking about why your boss made that decision. Sadly, you can only come up with one possible reason: They thought you were too old for the job. 

You may be right: 2019 saw more than 15,000 claims brought by employees who felt their employer had discriminated against them because of their age. Age discrimination is the third most common type of workplace discrimination, despite it being banned under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. 

If you were turned down for a promotion because of your age, you may want to take your case to court. To win, you will have to prove to the court that the reason you did not get promoted was because of your age. While this may be the truth, your employer is not going to admit that. Not to you or a court. They can easily make up a variety of reasons why they made the decision they did. 

If you feel you have lost out on a promotion because of your age, the law is on your side. However, you are going to need a talented attorney to argue your case because while age discrimination is very common, it can be hard to prove.