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Cincinnati restaurant worker sues for sexual harassment

| Apr 27, 2020 | Employment Law |

There is nothing easy about restaurant work. However, if you also have to cope with sexual harassment on top of everything else, it can make your job intolerable.

One Cincinnati restaurant worker chose to leave her job because of alleged sexual harassment from a chef. She claims that not only did he sexually harass and assault her, but that he offered her money to have sex with him. You may be wondering why she did not report him to her boss? The problem is, he was the boss.

 What does the law say about sexual harassment in the workplace?

Both federal and Ohio state laws prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace. In both cases, sexual harassment is considered to be a type of discrimination. However, the laws that protect you from sexual harassment are a little complicated:

  • Federal law protects you under the Civil Rights Act. However, it only applies if your employer has fifteen or more employees.
  • Ohio state law protects you regardless of how many employees there are. You can also sue someone, which is not allowed under federal law.

If you have suffered sexual harassment at work, or are unsure if something counts as sexual harassment, you should seek legal advice. It is important to understand which laws apply to your case and what options are available to you. You may need to take out a court injunction, you may be able to claim compensation or you may be able to settle out of court. One thing is clear: Under the law, you have the right to carry out your job free from harassment or discrimination.