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Many dedicated employees sometimes work extra hours off the clock. This is especially true if supervisors or managers put pressure on workers to work a little longer. Many workers agree to do so, often out of fear of losing their job. What they might not realize is their employer is breaking the law.

If you have been forced to work off the clock and do not get paid for your time, you might have a strong wage and hour claim. That’s why it’s important to talk to a lawyer to learn more about your legal rights and the options available to you.

Our dedicated attorneys at Gibson Law, LLC can help you every step of the way. We know what to do because we have years of experience handling such complex legal cases. As a result, we thoroughly understand the state and federal rules and regulations that apply to such cases. That’s why we have such a strong record of success. Case results matter here and so do you.

What is off the clock work?

Off the clock work is any work that is required to be done by hourly employees for free outside of their regular work hours. Sometimes, such work might involve staying a few minutes extra every day to perform certain duties. Other times, companies might require employees to do extra work on nights or weekends or any other time that is not part of their regular shift.

In such situations, employees should be financially compensated for any additional time they are asked to work. Sometimes, this involves paying employees minimum wage. If such additional work extends an employee’s hours beyond 40 hours a week, that employee should be paid overtime, which 1.5 times their normal wage.

The bottom line is hourly workers cannot be expected to do off the clock work. They are not salaried employees and they deserve to be paid for every hour they work each week.

What are common violations?

Off the clock work violations can cover a wide range. Some of the most common violations include:

  • Demanding employees perform certain tasks before or after their shift without compensation, such as taking inventory or cashing out a register at the end of a shift.
  • Requiring employees to check email or respond to work-related emails when they are not working.
  • Requiring employees to arrive before their scheduled work shift begins.
  • Requiring employees to read training materials or work-related articles outside of work without compensation.
  • Required employees to attend mandatory job training outside of work without compensation.
  • Unpaid travel time that is part of an employee’s job duties.

The state and federal wage and hour laws in Ohio are clear. If you are an hourly employee, you deserve to be paid for every hour you work. If not, talk to a lawyer right away. You may have grounds for a strong legal case.

Can I sue my employer in such cases?

Sometimes, the best way to get the financial compensation you deserve is to file a lawsuit against your employer for any unpaid wages. If you decide to do so, keep in mind that you have a limited amount of time under statute of limitations laws.

It’s also important to realize that your employer will likely do everything they can to deny your claim. In particular, they will likely hire a lawyer to defend their actions and discredit your lawsuit. That’s because there may be thousands of dollars at stake.

Having an attorney on your side can strengthen your lawsuit and level the playing field. When your employer sees that you have an experienced lawyer investigating your case and fighting for your compensation, many employers agree to cooperate and settle such cases rather than go to court.

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Experience and expertise matter when it comes to choosing a law firm to handle your off the clock case. That’s why many people choose our law firm to represent them. Our attorneys bring a unique perspective to such cases. Attorneys Angela J. Gibson and Bradley L. Gibson previously represented employers in wage and hour claims. Now, we put our skills to work exclusively for employees just like you.

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