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Workplace Investigations

Our employment lawyers can help find the facts

When a complaint regarding mistreatment or misconduct at the workplace has been made, an employer has an obligation to investigate. Our employment law attorneys understand the importance of taking quick action on these matters. We conduct investigations for companies dealing with these types of complaints and help them get the facts.

At Gibson Law, LLC, we know how workplace issues can impact both employers and employees. Our employment lawyers used to represent employers for one of the nation’s largest law firms. We understand the importance of conducting a prompt and thorough investigation to identify and address problems before they turn into contentious legal disputes.

Some organizations choose to investigate these issues internally, but that can be a problematic approach. There can be a perception of bias, a complaint may involve a member of the management team, or the investigation will not hold up under court scrutiny. An investigation that is not handled properly can be very damaging to an organization.

Experienced employment attorneys

Our attorneys have experience in conducting investigations on a wide range of workplace issues including sexual harassment, hostile work environment and other claims of misconduct and mistreatment. We work quickly to conduct a thorough investigation that is fair to all parties and gives you a more complete picture of what happened.

Attorney Angela J. Gibson has represented employers and employees in matters involving harassment and discrimination in the workplace. She understands that such behavior is not always obvious. As an experienced workplace investigator, she knows where to look for evidence of such behavior and what questions to ask.

During our investigation, we carefully review all relevant documentation. This may include policy manuals, memos and other internal communications, voicemails, emails, texts and messages sent via messaging platforms. We identify and interview potential witnesses, including employees and supervisors.

Our legal team conducts a comprehensive investigation that is respectful and discreet. Our goal is to gather information that helps you address the merits of a complaint and offers insight on how to proceed.

Our attorneys have decades of combined experience – all of it in employment law. We know the federal and state laws addressing workplace behaviors. We’ve represented employers and employees in matters involving misbehavior and misconduct. We understand how these matters can affect employees and an entire organization.

Our firm is ready to help

Claims involving harassment, hostile work environment, discrimination or other types of unlawful misbehavior and misconduct need to be addressed immediately. Our firm can conduct an unbiased investigation that lets you know what’s been happening so you have the information you need to decide how to respond.

We can help you get the facts. Our firm has handled cases involving small businesses and large corporations. We understand that complaints involving harassment, hostile work environment and other issues can be complicated.

Learn more about how our firm can help your company. Contact us for a consultation with a member of our legal team at our office in Cincinnati or Dayton. We can discuss your workplace situation and explain how our investigative process can help you determine the scope of the problem and how best to proceed.

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