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What To Know About Noncompete Agreements

Employees must think carefully before signing a noncompete agreement because by signing one, they can greatly reduce their future employment opportunities. Generally, noncompete agreements restrict the places and type of work employees may conduct after their employment stops.

Why It’s Important To Consult With An Attorney

Because of those restrictions, employees should likely contact an employment attorney prior to entering into such an agreement. Employees should understand and fully appreciate the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Employees may also desire to speak with a lawyer even after they have entered into a noncompete agreement. Speaking with an attorney can help the employee understand the consequences of violating the noncompete agreement. An attorney’s opinion is likely needed because not all noncompete agreements are enforceable as written.

In Ohio, courts will enforce noncompete agreements to only a “reasonable” degree, meaning that they will limit parts of the agreement that are unreasonable. The most common types of unreasonable provisions include those providing for excessive geographic or time limitations.

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