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Men reluctant to take paternity leave due to career, study finds

Ohio employment law attorneys explain how parental leave works A recent study found that some men are reluctant to take paternity leave. That's because they fear it could hurt their career. However, the study’s authors believe such fears could be alleviated if universal paternity leave became more common and more employers encouraged workers to take...

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Ohio employment law reform is here

As an employee in Ohio, proving a discrimination claim just became more difficult thanks to business-supported legislation that is now law. Here's what workers in Ohio need to know. Good for business, bad for workers For hard-working Ohioans, it’s not hard to read between the lines of the Employment Law Uniformity Act. Signed into law...

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What is a hostile work environment and how does it lead to unlawful workplace harassment?

Everyone goes through a difficult period in the workplace. But there is a big difference between a few rough patches involving coworkers and an outright hostile work environment. A hostile work environment occurs when certain individuals behave in a way that makes it difficult for other employees to do their jobs. Those who don’t partake...

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