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Are you entitled to Family Medical Leave?

| May 27, 2020 | Employment Law |

Your job may be important to you, but let’s face it, your family is more important. On the one hand, your job provides you with the income to feed, clothe and house your family, but it is the means to an end. If you could look after your family without going to work, would you still go?

Sometimes life throws up tough decisions. When a member of your family is seriously ill, you may have to decide between going to work or looking after the family member. However, depending upon your job, there may be a way to avoid having to make that decision.

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) aims to avoid this conflict. It allows you to ask for unpaid leave in certain circumstances. These are the situations in which the FMLA in Ohio covers you:

What type of employer do I need to work for?

  • Private employers with a staff of over 50 for the last 20 weeks.
  • Private and public schools.
  • All federal employers.

What conditions do I need to meet as an employee?

  • You must have worked for your employer for more than 12 months in total.
  • You must have worked 1250 hours for your employer in the last 12 months.

For what reasons can I ask for FMLA?

  • You are unable to work due to a serious health condition.
  • You need to care for someone in your family with a serious health condition.
  • You have a new baby.
  • You have just adopted a child.
  • You need to care for the new baby or newly adopted child.

How much FMLA can I take?

12 weeks in a year.

Do I get paid while on FMLA?

No, FMLA is unpaid leave.

If you are unsure if you are entitled to FMLA, an attorney can help clarify your situation.