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Report: 80% of Remote Employees Experienced Discrimination

A recent report found that eight out of ten employees experienced discrimination while working remotely last year. The findings of the report, The State of Workplace Discrimination 2021, were recently released by AllVoices, an employee feedback management startup founded by an Uber whistleblower.

As part of an ongoing research series, the report surveyed full time employees from across all sectors and job levels in the United States to better understand their experiences, frustrations, and suggestions for how their organizations can improve the handling of workplace discrimination.

What Did The Report Reveal About Workplace Discrimination?

Key findings of the recently-released report include:

  • 55% have experienced discrimination at their current company. They’ve mostly been discriminated against because of gender, religion, and race.
  • 80% experienced it while working remotely. Of those who have experienced discrimination, over three-quarters have experienced it through video conferencing, chat apps, or over the phone.
  • 61% have witnessed discrimination at some point. The majority of respondents have seen discrimination happen in their workplaces, both past and present, and they’ve mostly witnessed it from managers directed at employees.
  • Only 54% who reported have had their matter fully resolved. Additionally, 43% say they’ve left a job in the past due to unaddressed discrimination.
  • 32% didn’t report because they weren’t sure it was a big enough deal. Other reasons for not reporting include fear of retaliation and not believing it would be addressed.
  • 90% are more likely to report through anonymous channels. Nearly all of respondents would be more willing to report discrimination if their risk for doing so could be reduced.
  • 85% believe their company has proper measures in place to prevent discrimination. However, discrimination still continues, which means that what workplaces are doing isn’t effective.

The report found that discrimination in the workplace remains widespread and ongoing, despite many employees working remotely. Employees aren’t encouraged to report discrimination, or don’t feel safe reporting it, so their issues aren’t being resolved.

What Can You Do If You Experience Workplace Discrimination?

We commend companies like AllVoices for their efforts to create safe ways for employees to report toxic workplaces. Discrimination shouldn’t play a role in any company, yet it still makes the workplace uncomfortable and unsafe for onsite or remote workers every day.

If you have been subjected to this type of mistreatment, you don’t have to put up with it. Gibson Law, LLC fights for the rights of mistreated workers. Our attorneys used to defend employers against these types of claims and know how they try to avoid responsibility. Now, we put our experience and extensive knowledge of state and federal law to work for you.

If you have been subjected to workplace harassment or discrimination, it’s important to get trusted legal advice right away. State and federal laws are complicated and the deadline for taking legal action in Ohio is two years, so you need to act fast.

Schedule a consultation with a member of our legal team at our offices in Cincinnati or Dayton to learn more about how we can help. We’ll review the details of your case, go over your legal options and answer any questions that you have.

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