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Securing The Unemployment Benefits You Deserve

Termination of employment is an extremely difficult financial event for people. To help lessen that burden, employees are often entitled to unemployment compensation benefits.

Obtaining unemployment compensation benefits, however, can be difficult. Often, employees are confused about their eligibility for benefits, where to apply, and what information they need to provide.

Reasons Employees Make It Difficult To Obtain Compensation

Employees also have difficulties collecting benefits because their employers oppose their right to those benefits. Employers claim that the employees are ineligible for benefits, arguing that the employees are at fault for their job loss. Employers make these arguments because their contribution requirements depend on the number of their employees who receive unemployment compensation. The greater the number of employees, the more the employer must contribute.

Pursuing Benefits? Get A Strong Advocate In Your Corner.

If you are entitled to unemployment compensation benefits or have had your benefits denied in Ohio, please contact Gibson Law, LLC, today at 513-834-8254 for a free consultation to discuss obtaining those benefits.