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Minimum Wage & Overtime Requirements

Employees are often not paid their lawful wages. It is a persistent problem in the workplace, driven mostly by employers’ desire to cut costs and the ever-changing nature of employment relationships.

Common Violations

There are a variety of different ways employers fail to comply with the minimum wage and overtime requirements.

A few of the more common types of violations involve employers:

  • Not paying employees for “off-the-clock” work, including work performed during meal and rest breaks
  • Reducing employees’ wages for things such as customer theft, broken equipment and uniforms
  • Improperly treating employees as “exempt” from minimum wage and overtime requirements, especially by concluding that all employees paid on a salary are “exempt”
  • Not paying employees for “on-call” time

Recover More Than Just Unpaid Wages

Employees’ right to recover is more than just their unpaid wages. In most cases, employees are also entitled to a “liquidated” damages amount, which is an additional amount equal to their unpaid wages. The law also requires employers to usually pay the employee’s attorney’s fees and cost for having to recover their unpaid wages and overtime.

Receive The Pay You Have Earned

If you have not been paid consistent with the minimum wage and overtime requirements, contact our employment lawyers at Gibson Law, LLC. We offer free consultations because we don’t want legal fees to prevent you from meeting with a skilled attorney.

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