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Improper Wage Deductions

Employers may deduct their employees’ wages in only very limited circumstances.

Federal law allows wage deductions for the cost and maintenance of uniforms; employee stealing employer’s property; clients or customers failing to pay bills; and, employee damaging the employer’s property.

Ohio law allows deductions for similar reasons but requires the employee’s written agreement for deductions made for the loss or damage of wares, tools or machinery caused by the employee.

Restrictions On Deductions

Significantly, even if an employer deducts the employee’s wage for an allowed reason, the deduction cannot reduce the employee’s wages below minimum wage or overtime premium.

For example, an employer is prohibited from deducting an employee’s payment for the cost of equipment the employee damaged, if the cost would reduce the employee’s pay below the minimum wage ($8.15 per hour in Ohio) for that pay period.

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