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Legal Rights And Benefits For Injured Workers

Employees injured on the job are provided a number of benefits and protections under the law. One of the most important legal benefits an injured worker is entitled to is workers’ compensation benefits. If an employee is injured while working, he is likely entitled to payment for his medical expenses, time off work and more, which resulted from his workplace injury.

In a number of situations, the law also provides injured workers with certain job protections. For instance, if an employee files for workers’ compensation benefits, the anti-retaliation statutes prohibit employers from punishing employees because they filed for those benefits.

FMLA And ADA Protections

The law further provides employees job protection in certain situations as they recover from their workplace injuries. Under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), employees who qualify may take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave during a 12-month period if their injury is a “serious health condition” under the FMLA. That leave may be used:

  • To get treatment
  • Visit physicians
  • Recover at home.

Similarly, the Americans with Disabilities Act allows, as a reasonable accommodation, employees time off work to recover. If an injured worker’s condition meets the ADA’s definition of “disability,” as the term is broadly defined to include a wide variety of injuries and conditions, an employer may be required to provide the employee time off work to recover.

Let Us Help You Assert Your Rights

If you are injured, your employer may not inform you of these protections. We will. If you have questions about your rights, contact Gibson Law, LLC. Our lawyers will explain your rights and help you receive the accommodations you deserve.

If you are an injured worker and have not received your legal protections in the workplace, please contact Gibson Law, LLC, today at 513-834-8254 for a free consultation.